Dynamic Father/Daughter duo

Dave Watson and Sarah Olson

team up to provide leadership,

coaching, and inspiration.



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Dave Watson

Dave's passion is developing people and helping them think outside the box.  Formerly a football coach at Winona State University in Minnesota, he champions the nickname "Coach" with pride.  Dave has helped drive the Foundation Bottle School projects for years.  He has three children; Dan, Sarah, and Rachel.

Sarah Olson

Sarah's drive and vision is obvious to those who have the opportunity to spend time with her.  Her playful attitude yet no-nonsense business sense helps get people motivated and inspired to make life changes.  She and her husband, David, have three kids; Zakary, Levi, and Tilly.  Sarah has inspired momma's across the country with her upbeat, heartfelt passion.

It is not every day that a father gets to work alongside his daughter!